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You are the light of the world

Mattew 5:14

As a Circle that has welcomed hundreds of Youth every second Friday for over 20 years, it is, and always has been our responsibility to spearhead activities, events and projects for the encouragement of the Young People and their spiritual walk.


Below we have listed some NCYC projects that have been completed, are ongoing or are in development. We would encourage anyone to reach out to us to find out more information on these projects, or to see how they can contribute so that we can help our Christadelphian Youth "Remember the Creator in the days of [their] youth" (Ecclesiastes 12:1).

by Candlel


Kingdom by Candlelight (KBC) is held annually at the Gosford Christadelphian Bible Learning Centre to support the Phillipines Mission Work in association with the Christadelphian non-for-profit charity Agape in Action.


Hand of

'Hand of God' is an original 10 track album made by the talented young people in the Newcastle area designed to worship and uplift. With the project beginning in 2020, there were multiple delays due to COVID and it seemed like the album might never be completed. However, on April 23rd, the last day of Adelaide Youth Conference, 'Hand of God' finally came out on all streaming platforms and is now used for praise all around the world. 

Hand of god (9).png



NCYC is currently developing ways to make aware the opportunities of mission work to our Youth and wider communities. 

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